Car Key Replacement Cost | Cost to Cut Car Key

Car Key Replacement Cost

Car Key Replacement Cost


Unfortunately, a car key loss is a pretty common event. There is no point in discussing the reasons and possible places of loss. Still, it is worth touching on possible key cost, actions and their sequence, if the fact of the absence of the key is discovered and you are looking for a replacement or duplication of a lost copy.


It is good if you can’t find the key while your car is in the garage or in the guarded parking lot. In this case, you can immediately proceed to direct actions for restoring the car key, without thinking about protecting and transporting the car home. It is much worse and more unpleasant if the fact of loss is discovered far from the place of storage of the vehicle; for example, having gathered to drive back after a vacation at a ski resort, while being several hundred kilometres from home, you realize that the car key is misplaced.

In modern models, protection against illegal entry into the passenger compartment and engine start is a very complex system, access to which is carried out using a special key. If it is misplaced, not only the intruder but also the owner of the vehicle will not be able to open and start the car. Our company provides qualified services to solve this kind of problem – our locksmiths can make a new car key from the lock of any complexity.

Of course, it is easiest to cut a duplicate when a sample is available. But statistics show that quite often car owners use a single copy, and if it is not available, we have to make a new car key, having only the lock itself as source material. It is not possible to perform such task without special equipment, skills and experience.

After your contact us, our specialist will drive out to you and dismantle the mechanism.  He will remove the car lock together with the engine control unit, which contains important information on an electronic medium. The auto locksmith needs to get his hands on the cylinder of the lock, according to the model of which the duplicate will be made. After the car key is ready, the lock is assembled back and fitted with a new electronic microchip.

Locks in modern vehicles are quite complex mechanisms that require high qualifications and training for any repair work. A few years ago, the loss of a chip key resulted in a high financial cost. Our company has been in the business for many years, and we can confidently guarantee the quality, efficiency, safety and affordable price tag.


If there is a second key set available, then there are no particular problems – you will have to contact by phone the one who can take the replacement copy from its storage location and deliver it to you. You can go out to get it yourself if a locked car is relatively close to the house. Otherwise, you will have to use the services of a tow truck, which will deliver the immobilized car to the desired location.

It should be borne in mind that in order to use a tow truck, the caller will have to present documents confirming that the car belongs to him. In addition, in many large cities, specialized organizations provide services for the emergency car opening and manufacture of a replacement key from the door lock. Therefore, if you are in a big city, you can contact them or an authorized dealer to open the car.


Having delivered the car to a secure place, you need to decide on how to resolve the situation with the lack of an ignition key. If the car in question is of older models generation, then it is not difficult to fix the problem. In this case, the best option would be to replace the ignition lock, along with a door lock cylinder, which can be purchased from any automotive salvage yard at a low price.

In some cases, this is not only a quick but also a completely inexpensive solution to the issue. So, for example, a set of an ignition lock and a door lock cylinder along with a key for an Opel Astra car of the first generation will cost about X Pounds. Also, the duplicate can be cut using a door lock as a blueprint. It should be noted that nowadays, almost all modern car models are equipped with ignition and door locks of the same type, which can be opened using one key.

This greatly simplifies the situation, since it is possible to order a key replacement from the door lock cylinder. True, some Japanese car models have a certain feature which makes it impossible to use the key made this way for opening the ignition lock and starting the car. And it’s not about any complex electronics, but about the configuration of the ignition lock cylinder. However, for almost all models of vehicles of the brands Volkswagen, Volvo and Seat, as well as for vehicles of many other brands, a replacement copy made by the cylinder of the door lock will perfectly match the lost car copy.


Starting in the second half of the 90s, car manufacturers began to implement the technology of the so-called chip key. Such copies have a microcircuit in the core equipped with a specific code or even a combinations generator. When using the chip, the electronic system of the car reads the chip signal and, by transmitting the data to the on-board computer, allows it to start.

On the outside, as a rule, such key is distinguished by rather massive heads – bases with buttons. But even if your car ignition remote does not have any buttons, this does not mean that it is not equipped with a chip. To check for the presence or absence of a chip, you need to wrap the key head with several layers of ordinary aluminium foil, and then try to start the car; if it doesn’t start, you can be sure that there is a chip in the key.

When buying a new car, the owner is given a set of chip keys consisting of two or more copies. If you have lost one of them, you should immediately order a car key duplicate, and not wait for the possible loss of the remaining replacement copies. Back in the days, it could be restored only by placing an order through an authorized dealer. The operation required several months and several hundreds of pounds. Currently, there are companies that provide replacement services much faster and at a low cost. 


The principle of electronic key technology is simple and effective. As already mentioned, the chip communicates with the receiver of the vehicle control device. If the encoded radio signal was not sent or received by the system, then after the car starts moving, its immobilizer will turn off the main elements of the vehicle, and it will simply stall.

The procedure for chipping includes adapting a new copy to the electronics and erasing previous data from the system. After that, the immobilizer is re-encoded to make it impossible to use the old car key. At the end of the work, specialists, using special diagnostic equipment, reset the immobilizer errors. Often, the restoration of ignition copies can be carried out on the spot, in some cases, the car must be delivered to a service centre. The price of making a duplicate varies significantly and depends on the job.

If there is a card with an access code to the immobilizer of your car, the production of a chip key will be much cheaper. Manufacturing a car key equipped with a radio unit for remote control of the central lock will cost a little more.


The loss or breakdown of a car key is never welcome, and some drivers may simply fall into despair because of such an unpleasant experience. However, you shouldn’t give up – we can resolve the situation quickly, efficiently and inexpensively. Many people in the city have already appreciated the quality of our work.

Duplication of various key types is one of the main directions of our company. A modern key is not just a mechanical locking system, but a whole security system, the failure of which makes it impossible to use the car.

In case of trouble, just call us. The process of making a duplicate copy for the car locks is quite a time consuming and requires experience and professionalism. Not to mention the technical equipment which takes skills to use. This is, of course, a CNC machine. We can guarantee that the duplicate will be indistinguishable from the original.

2 Methods for Making a Duplicate:

  • Manufacturing according to the serial number of the tag code.
  • Using the original as a blueprint.

We employ both of these methods in the work. But the problem is easier to prevent, so we do not recommend keeping a spare copy in the car. If you lose access to the inside, the duplicate will not help you. Always keep a spare kit at home or wherever you can. And if there is only one copy on hand at the moment, be sure to contact us for a new duplicate. But keep in mind, you will not be able to insure yourself against troubles when you have left the home town, and the duplicate lies for hundreds of kilometres away. If you are “lucky” to face an emergency while in or near London, we will gladly help you.

Our Services Include:

  • Manufacture of flip fobs. This service is suitable for practical customers who wish to combine both key and alarm control into one device.
  • Repair of the ignition switch. Often, it breaks in the winter, when the lock freezes over.
  • Gain of entry if it is impossible to access the interior of the vehicle by usual means. The procedure is damage-free.

Considering the diversity of brands in the modern automotive market, we produce duplicates with chips of varying complexity. Accordingly, we serve many brands: BMW, Renault, Honda, Toyota, Kia, Hyundai, Suzuki, Ford and others.

Customers choose us over official dealers. And there is quite a logical justification for this. For the dealer’s service, you must call a tow truck to deliver the vehicle to the nearest centre. Add to that a waiting time that can take up to three months. This can undoubtedly be a big inconvenience. Whereas with us, you have the opportunity to get the key quickly while saving your nerves and money. The service cost depends on the duplicate type, the number of copies and quality of the materials.

We offer assistance in making a key for the lock in cases where you need to regain control of the ignition, unlock the steering wheel or open the trunk. Our specialists work around the clock, so whenever you find yourself in a difficult situation, you can count on our prompt response. We are well aware of how important it is to resolve emergencies as quickly as possible, so our craftsmen possess everything for efficient work – qualifications, experience, knowledge and high-class modern equipment.

One of the most important rules of our work is the safety of our customers and their vehicles. That is why we never fulfil orders from third parties. If you have a need to regain control of a car, you need to be prepared to present our employees with documents confirming the ownership of the vehicle and an identity card.

It is not uncommon for key and documents to end up in a locked vehicle. In this case, we can also help you, but only on the condition that there are people who can confirm that the vehicle really belongs to you. Of course, the guarantors must also have identification documents with them.

In any case, we are always ready to listen to you, advise and provide all possible assistance. Call us at 0203 905 1199, and we will definitely help you!

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