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Car Lock Change Cost

Car Lock Change Cost


Entrust your car to the Locksmiths. In our company, you will find specialists who will change or repair the door lock and ignition mechanism at little cost. They will do the job neatly and quickly, leaving no marks or scratches. We use equipment and tools that meet all modern requirements, which makes it possible to perform a mechanism replacement at a high level.


It is almost impossible to avoid all troubles in daily life, especially when it comes to a car. Something will show up that requires attention. Breakage of the key and jamming of the lock are pretty common issues. It is always better to seek the assistance of a local company that has experience in dealing with modern car models and security systems for a replacement of the key or locking mechanism.

Almost any breakdown can be fixed. To do this, you need to contact specialists. From us, you can order the manufacture of car keys that broke due to carelessness. Of course, the manufacture of keys for the ignition lock is not so easy, especially when the question concerns modern vehicles that have reliable security systems and sophisticated lock devices. So getting a new car key can be difficult. But highly skilled professionals can do everything.

Our company offers the manufacture of keys with a chip for all makes and models. This is needed for those cases when the latest security systems are used in the car; a chip key is suitable, which will protect the vehicle as much as possible. Experts will help with its production. Call us for the information on production time and cost of the service for key cutting. Our team can help you too.

Why should you entrust the manufacture of car keys to the specialists of Locksmiths? If the keys were lost or stolen, or the car doors slammed shut with the keys inside the cabin, you need to urgently contact a specialized service. We are among the most reputable locksmith companies in the area tested by a few thousands of customers! Our features:

  • Provision of guarantees. The problem will be identified and fixed without breaking the glass or damaging the lock.
  • Prompt response. We are available 24/7! The specialist will complete all the work in a matter of minutes.
  • Reasonable rates and cost will pleasantly surprise you.

In addition, the specialists of our service produce chip keys using modern professional-grade equipment from high-quality and reliable workpiece materials. The production time depends on the brand and year of manufacture of the car. If necessary, we will also restore the functionality of damaged chip keys.

You can order a chip key from our specialists, that is, buy keys for a car, which will solve the problem. This small product will become a reliable way to block the movement of a car through an immobilizer and will help protect against unauthorized entry. That is why motorists today choose a chip key that performs a protective function. Many people use them today. A duplicate chip key will be needed if the original is lost.

Car keys with a chip and duplicates will allow you to safely use the vehicle. Our experts are well acquainted with the nuances of key cutting procedure; the result will meet the customer’s requirements. The cost depends largely on the number of ordered copies.


Any modern vehicle is different from those that were in the 80s and 90s. Nowadays, they delight with their technical perfection. An example would be the ignition switch. You just need to turn the key, and the car will start immediately. So every driver can use all the amenities today. But there are times when you may need replacement of the ignition switch or other parts of the vehicle.

The experts advise not to experiment and not to correct the situation on your own. Because some actions can only worsen the problem. Seek help immediately when the ignition lock repair is required.

Why is it worth contacting the Locksmiths to repair the ignition lock? Our craftsmen will competently and efficiently change the mechanism. Several advantages and benefits distinguish our company from others:

  • Extensive experience in the repair of ignition mechanisms for different car brands.
  • Knowledge of the technical features of various lock models.
  • Low cost (cheaper than official dealers).
  • Replacement parts are always available.
  • We use only high-precision equipment.

Ignition repair – when is it relevant? The ignition switch is an element that is responsible for turning off and on the engine, the entire electrical system of the vehicle. Most often, its breakdown is associated with the destruction or jamming of pins. This can happen due to a sharp drop in voltage and application of excessive force when turning the mechanism. In the event of such a breakdown, the car will not start. This is the most frequent malfunction, and we can fix it.

Our company repairs the ignition of the following brands: Toyota, Nissan, Ford, Volvo, Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen and others. If you turn to the professionals, there is a possibility of quick detection of the cause of the breakdown and its early elimination.

Before starting repair work, we carry out diagnostics. The procedure is performed by our specialists trained in the specialized centre using special equipment. You may need to contact us for the repair of the ignition lock due to the corrosion, wear of the cylinder or breakage of the key inside the lock.

To determine the issue, first, we complete diagnostics of the car systems. The node of interest is carefully checked. After diagnostics, we dismantle the old element. Next, a new one will be installed, or the old element of the ignition lock will be repaired, which will allow you to enjoy using the vehicle again. The cost of the service is quite affordable. If you do now want to risk it, contact your local pros immediately for the repairs at the first sign of the problem with the ignition.


The locking mechanism in any car model is an important element; it is used in hoods, trunks, doors, etc. If problems arise, they must be eliminated promptly. There are breakdowns that entail the switch of not only parts but also of the entire component.

To replace the constituent elements, we carry out preliminary diagnostics. It allows us to establish the cause of the malfunction. You can try to fix the problem yourself, but you may not always succeed, especially without proper tools and practical knowledge. Our specialists are ready to efficiently install, repair or replace the locking mechanism of the car.

We will not only replace individual parts but also identify the cause of the malfunction. It may be necessary to repair the mechanism due to the ingress of small objects and dirt into the cylinder. There are times when the key gets lost. Then, the repair will have to be postponed until the key is restored. If necessary, we provide all additional services at a discounted cost.

Why should you contact us for the repair? If you have a defective lock, lost or damaged the key, our specialists will come to your aid. By choosing us, you can be sure that your situation will be resolved in the best way possible. The advantages of working with us are as follows:

  • Provision of the locksmith call out service. Once on the spot, he will perform diagnostics, open the car without damage and repair the locking mechanism using modern, high-precision tools.
  • Responsibility for any damage caused during the process of opening doors.
  • Low prices. Our services will cost you less than in many other companies.

Don’t wait until the mechanism is entirely out of order! Contact our company right away if you have any issues with it. Thus, you will be able to repair the device in time and avoid being locked out of the car. We have all the necessary tools to fix any kind of locking mechanism. Be aware, a jammed lock is more challenging to repair, which results in extra cost.

It is best to contact our specialists who will fix the mechanism quickly. They know the nuances of each car model. The locksmith can disassemble any device and find the cause of the malfunction. You won’t have to waste time trying to solve the problem on our own.


If you own a car, you will likely come across such a concept as an immobilizer chip, which may be completely new to you. These concepts refer to the security system. The immobilizer is used to restrict the movement of the vehicle. Such an electronic system is linked to the activity of the engine. If it is on, the engine can’t be started. To use the system, you need to have a unique key registered in the memory. It is an effective protection against car theft.

If you order a key with an immobilizer from our company, you can add to peace of mind that thieves will not be able to steal the vehicle. The transponder chip with the code is installed in the ignition key. When an attempt is made to start the engine, the immobilizer checks the key code. If it is not correct, the car will not start. This is how a key with a chip works, which is used only by the owner of the vehicle. Reliable protection will help in cases of attempted theft.

What if there is no immobilizer key? You can order the immobilizer chip from us. This work is done by specially trained people. They know the intricacies of the immobilizer. New key programming may differ for each specific vehicle model. There is a special algorithm of actions. If the immobilizer key is lost, you don’t have to do anything, because you just need to contact our specialists. They will fulfil any order.

Today it is possible to make a duplicate of the immobilizer chip if the original is lost. But there is also another use for this kind of service. For example, additional keys can be made as a fallback. If a person loses the immobilizer key, he won’t have to think about what to do. It will be enough to use the existing duplicate. Before buying a chip for autorun, you need to consult a specialist. They will help to program the information to serve as a code.

Sometimes, after losing the keys, it is required to replace the immobilizer, lock and control unit for the security reasons. New car keys with an immobilizer that communicate with each other can be obtained from our specialists. In the future, you can use the car without difficulty. If you do not know which key chip to use, it is better to choose the original and hide the additional duplicates. If you lose your key, there will be a spare set.

Contact the COMPANY NAME near you to duplicate a key. We employ experienced craftsmen who also practice on-site visits to any address in the city. Please note that a night time call out may cost more depending on the distance to the location.


Almost no one will be able to register the key in the immobilizer on their own, even with the most detailed instructions. That is why we offer our clients a full range of services:

  • Drive out to the place.
  • Operational diagnostics in the presence of the driver.
  • Erase the immobilizer key from memory.
  • Emergency gain of entry.
  • Reset of the alarm.

Thanks to advanced technologies, we complete orders in record time: from ordering service to a complete “cure” of a car, it will take only an hour.

It requires some knowledge to bind a key to an immobilizer. Our experienced team will complete the task very quickly. Efficiency, reliability and quality are three categories that have remained unchanged companions for many years. The main advantages of our company:

  • Speed of the work.
  • High qualifications.
  • Affordable prices.

Independent research on how to register a new key in the immobilizer can take a lot of time. Only professionals know how the key is linked to the immobilizer, and our company has a whole staff of qualified employees. The anti-theft device works much more efficiently if you tie the key to the immobilizer. Then, the system will recognize the owner, and will not allow theft, even with a very skilful forgery of keys.

Computer technology allows our craftsmen to quickly bind the chip to the vehicle. Sometimes, due to breakdowns, it becomes necessary to rewrite the program, which can also be done by our employees. Before programming the immobilizer chip, a specialist will carry out preparatory measures; check the condition of the electronics in the car. The driver no longer has to wonder how to bind the chip key to the vehicle, since he always has our service phone number at hand. The process of registering keys is speedy. To do this, we just need to make sure that the system is working properly. Before tying the chip to the immobilizer on your own, weigh the pros and cons, as such an attempt can cost you a lot of money.


Externally, the flip key is a two-in-one system – an alarm key fob and an ignition key. What are the features of such a device? Specialists and developers highlight the following positive aspects:

  • This mechanism is much more convenient than a regular key. There is no need to search or separately hold the device, given the large keychain besides the automatic button.
  • Built-in security system. Due to the minimalism in the mechanism of the switchblade, the customer has the opportunity to install an immobilizer on it. It is worth considering the possibility of losing the keys, and therefore experts recommend purchasing a duplicate of the ordered device in advance.
  • Comfortable shape. Also, do not forget that a flip key has no sharp corners, due to which you can easily transport this device in your pants or shirt pocket – no inconvenience or injury.
  • Nothing extra. There is no need for using an additional key fob or trying to visually identify it. Thanks to the small key fob that is responsible for the alarm device, you will always identify your flip keys.

Here you can order a switchblade key for Volvo, Ford, Nissan and other models. Also, it can be made to order, taking into account the individual requirements of the customer.


In the life of every car enthusiast, an unpleasant situation can occur when it is required to open the vehicle without a key due to the jammed locking mechanism, alarm malfunction, slammed shut door, etc. In such a situation, you do not need to panic and try to open the door independently. Entrust this task to the auto locksmith. For more than 7 years, our company has been successfully performing an emergency door opening of any complexity. We are distinguished from similar companies by many years of experience and a high level of professionalism of our craftsmen.

If problems arise with the operation of the door, it is undesirable attempting to open it on your own, using improvised means. After all, this way, you may not only break the mechanism completely but also damage your vehicle. By trying to save money on the professional locksmith service, you will likely incur higher spending. It is impossible to open sophisticated mechanisms without a special tool and knowledge.

You can request our services day or night. We accept orders from individuals and companies. Our specialist can open, install, dismantle or repair locking mechanism of any complexity. We value our reputation and back all the work with a 90-day warranty period. Give us a call at 0203 905 1199 for a reliable service near you.

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