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Are you researching locksmith prices in your area? Well, that’s a good idea considering all the scam going on in the world. Don’t get played by the fraudulent locksmith advertisements. We recommend that you first familiarize yourself with several locksmith companies before making contact; the prices tend to differ significantly from one company to another. Your own safety and the safety of your loved ones is the matter that should be entrusted only to the professional, honest locksmith. Otherwise, your carelessness could cost you money and time. On our part, we are here to answer any questions you may have!


Have a look at the locksmith prices list below to find out about the services we offer. Prices are indicated in British Pounds without the cost of the materials. The exact locksmith cost is determined directly on the worksite after an assessment.



Lock Change & Fitting


Cylinder Insertion

from X £ to X £  

Lock Replacement with a Similar Model

from X £ to X £  

4-channel Mul-T-Lock Mechanism Replacement

from X £ to X £  

2-system Mechanism Fitting

from X £ to X £  

Electromechanical Lock Installation

from X £ to X £  

Insertion Slot Adjustment

from X £ to X £  

Door Repair



from X £ to X £

Decorative Panel, Veneer & Laminate Installation

from X £ to X £

Door Sealing and Insulation

from X £ to X £

Hinges, Bearings & Doors Adjustment

from X £ to X £

Armour Plate Installation

from X £ to X £

Peephole Fitting

from X £ to X £

Handle Replacement

from X £ to X £

Intercoms & Video Surveillance Installation


Video Intercoms, Cameras & Code Panels

from X £ to X £

Access Control Systems


Custom Elements


Lock Picking / Opening


Mechanism with Security Rating of 1 & 2

from X £ to X £

Mechanism with Security Rating of 3 & 4

from X £ to X £

2-key Lock

from X £ to X £

Hidden (Invisible) Lock

from X £ to X £

Lock with an Armour Plate

from X £ to X £

Locksmith prices may vary depending on the time of day, the urgency of the call, the distance to the location and other factors. Nevertheless, we offer competitive prices and never overcharge our clients! The cost is discussed with the client before the work takes place; it won’t change over time. Our locksmith company is in a long-term partnership with the leading manufacturers of the locking systems, which allows us to keep the cost of the service at a reasonable level for most customers. Give us a call at 0203 905 1199 to get more information on the locksmith prices. We provide a full range of locksmith services including door opening, lock change, fitting and replacement, key cutting and more.


When deciding on a door lock model, the locksmith, first of all, is interested in the reliability of its locking mechanism and the availability of all kinds of protection against the emergency opening. There are no ideal locks in this regard; what is made by one, can always be destroyed by another. No matter the advances in technology, there will still be a locksmith who can open the mechanism without using keys. All currently produced locks are divided into four categories of reliability; they are categorized according to the time it takes to open the lock.

For the locksmith, locks of the first and second categories do not present any problems. It takes no more than 10 minutes for an experienced specialist to open such mechanisms. These types of locks are suitable maximum for interior doors or office partitions, but it is not recommended to install them on the front doors. The third category of locks is better; to open the mechanisms of this category, the locksmith may need about 20 minutes. If there is an alarm in the apartment or house, this time may be enough for the arrival of the security agency employees in case of a burglary attempt. The fourth category, as you may have already guessed, is the most reliable. Even a qualified locksmith will need at least half an hour to open locks of this security class. That’s precisely the type of lock that you should install on the front door to ensure the safety of your home.


By the method of installation, door locks are divided into padlocks, surface-mounted and mortise types:

  • As complex as the locking mechanism is, the padlock is not the best choice for protection. It only takes one aggressive move with a pry bar to break the padlock off. They are used to lock sheds and other similar premises which store no items of value.
  • Surface-mounted locks. As a rule, these are used only because they allow not to violate the integrity of the front door. For this reason, they are commonly found on wooden structures; if you cut an insertion slot in the wooden door, then it will be too weak and can be knocked out with the foot. Surface-mounted locks are not used on metal entrance doors.
  • Mortise locks. These are widespread both in entrance metal doors and in all types of interior doors. This type of lock has one important advantage – a hidden installation. If you are looking for an answer to the question of which door locks are the most reliable, then the answer is in front of you. At this point, there is nothing more secure than a mortise locking mechanism installed in a metal door.


Both reliability and ease of use depend on the mechanism. According to this criterion, door locks can be:

  • Opening of such locks is performed by linear movement, and not by turning the key. This is achieved due to the length of the key, which has special oblique slots.
  • An electronic lock is controlled by either inputting a set of combinations of letters and numbers on a special panel or using a unique magnetic key.
  • Its only advantage is the absence of keys.
  • Such a mechanism is based on a set of special code plates and a massive core.
  • Currently, this is the most common type of the locking mechanism because it is challenging to pick, and the key is compact enough to carry in the wallet or pocket.

If you have any difficulties selecting the lock, our locksmith team will be more than happy to assist you!

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