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Welcome to the auto locksmith! We specialize in the production of a car key, transponders, chips and other related products. The company offers free locksmith consultation and technical support for regular customers. The cost of programming in our workshop is significantly lower compared to the competition. Unlike most car locksmith organizations, we avoid intermediaries. If you have not found the chip key you need, delivery is possible on the request. Our company is in partnerships with leading car manufacturers which allow us to provide affordable and high-quality service. You can get more detailed information by phone at 02045136991.


The company has been assisting car owners for the last 8 years! Naturally, we have accumulated vast knowledge in the relations with the customers, and strive to meet their wishes and requirements. Individual approach to the task, respectfulness and honesty are the main factors in the success of the Locksmiths.

Most modern car models have powerful engines, smart electronics and excellent security systems that guard the car in the parking lot. If the intruder doesn’t have the original key, he will not be able to steal the vehicle, since all the models produced after the mid-90s have an immobilizer. It won’t be possible to start the engine without a unique ignition key. Anti-theft protection has been adopted by all car manufacturers. However, the loss of the car key can cause a real headache for the owners, so it is advisable to have the duplicate made in advance for an emergency.

There are a lot of workshops, but not all of them undertake the manufacture of the electronic part of the duplicate. If you are a vehicle owner, you may face another question that arises from using a standard security system. When installing an alarm with auto start function, you need a separate chip in order to start the engine remotely. This situation can be solved in two ways. The first method is to use a spare copy, but this is not practical because together with the chip, the mechanical part for the ignition is also left in the car. In many cases, it is impossible to remove the chip without damage and is not the best choice in terms of protection against theft. The second method is to make a copy of the chip, which is placed into the car alarm bypass and at the same time have two mechanical duplicates on hand. This option is also convenient if the vehicle is on credit, and one of the duplicates must be kept in the bank.

If you have tried turning to the assistance of the official service centre, you may be aware of how it works. First of all, this is a time-consuming process due to a large number of clients. Secondly, the cost of work tends to be high. Service centres still exist only for the reason that they are trusted out of habit, although many auto locksmith organizations already offer exactly the same range of services at better prices.

We will have the duplicate ready for you within minutes. The work is performed in your presence and rarely takes more than half an hour. You only need your vehicle and at least one valid car key; the final product will not differ from the original. For flawless results, we make the new car key on the latest CNC equipment. Our specialist will solve any problems related to the immobilizer, alarms and other security systems of your car. Each auto locksmith in the team has extensive experience, tools, good work ethics and most importantly, the desire to help the customers in a difficult situation.


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