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The company offers a full range of services for the car key repair and manufacture. We will help in any situation, from making a duplicate to restoring the car key in case of a complete loss. Professional equipment and more than 8 years of experience allow us to take on the most challenging repair tasks! Our experts are ready to travel anywhere in the area and provide assistance with the car in less than half an hour. Any key we make is guaranteed to fit the lock and match the original copy. Key repair service is available 24/7 regardless of the weather conditions.


For quite a long time, car owners have preferred to use such an anti-theft device as an immobilizer. This system prevents the possibility of unauthorized entry and theft by blocking the electronic units of the car. In use, it is quite simple and reliable. Disarming takes place using a remote control, the so-called chip key, an intelligent smart key card. This electronic assistant works on the distance and can open/close the doors, start the engine, turn on the light in the cabin, open the trunk and the gas tank.

In turn, car key can become a major headache for its owners in cases related to their breakdown, loss, theft, etc. An additional key duplicate may be required when the vehicle is used by several drivers. If you find yourself in one of the above situations, don’t panic. A car key can be restored from the lock or using fragments of the original copy. All you need to do for a reliable repair job is to contact the specialist of “Locksmith”.

The design of a car key varies for different vehicle brands. Therefore, the issues of their restoration, replacement and repair can be solved efficiently only by professionals. Lost all the copies of your key? Do not be discouraged — we will take care of everything in 2 hours.

Our company also offers services for car opening without damage, unlocking mechanical anti-theft systems, hoods, gas tanks, repair of ignition locks and much more. The technical assistance service will help you in the car key repair, as well as with the manufacture of the key chips and smart cards in a short time. The approach to each client is individual.

Just call us at 02045136991, and the dispatcher will send the nearest car key repair specialist as soon as possible. All work related to the restoration of the key is carried out in the presence of title documents for the vehicle.


Left the ignition key in the cabin? Perhaps, you lost the last copy? Most of us have faced such a situation at least once in our life. What to do in this case? Of course, contact the professionals. Door opening without the car key is a time-consuming procedure that can bring a lot of troubles. That is why you need to be careful about the vehicle alarm system. As practice shows, alarms are the main reason drivers find themselves locked out of the car. You can easily control the system using a key fob.

Drivers who tend to forget their car key in the ignition can only be advised one thing — to use only the auto-arm functions which don’t automatically lock the doors. This secret will be gladly shared with you by any repair specialist who knows firsthand about the job. If you still plan to use other functions, make sure that a spare key set is always at home or in the office, where you can easily pick it up.

But what if the misfortune befalls you while on the road? Should you attempt gaining entry to the vehicle without the key on your own? By no means, experts protest. The door opening should be performed exclusively by professionals. So if you left the car key in the ignition lock, the fastest way to solve the problem is to contact our company. The dispatcher will take the call and pass the information to the locksmith.


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