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When buying a car, its owner receives a key set (2 copies or more). The loss of even one such car key should disturb the owner, who urgently needs to order a replacement from an authorized dealer. Many remember that a few years ago, it was a global problem that involved high financial cost, not to mention the time spent on solving it. Before, only the remote manufacturing company could accept the order for the repair, which took several weeks, taking into account the tens of hundreds of pounds spent.

Today, you can forget about such inconveniences. To restore the car key, all you have to do is contact a company that offers the appropriate services. Naturally, this method is much easier and many times cheaper. Give us a call at 02045136991 at any time of the day.


As a car owner, each driver has a master and spare key if the vehicle is new. However, buying a used car only gives you one copy from the former owner, so it’s worth making a duplicate. It is necessary to ensure the integrity and safety of the car key, since losing the key is a huge problem for the driver. First, you need to carry out a thorough search and see if it’s not lying somewhere in your pocket. If the search did not yield anything, then the main thing is not to fall into despair.

What are the actions of the person who has lost the car key and does not have a spare? At first glance, it seems like you need to contact your car dealer. However, the reality is that ordering a replacement from them will only result in problems. First, you will have to spend a considerable amount of time to achieve a positive result. Secondly, it will entail significant financial obligations. If someone still decides to go with this path, then every car owner should know what awaits him:

  1. Given the conditions that the car was locked when the loss was discovered, it is not possible to get into the cabin, and the car needs to be delivered to a service station, you will have to call a tow truck. For the vehicles with automatic transmission, towing services are more expensive than for the vehicles with manual transmission. In part, the situation is facilitated if the car is in an open space, and not in a garage or underground parking which are hard to access.
  2. The car delivered to the station must be opened in one way or another. Service technicians will have to break the glass to get into the cabin. Obviously, this means you will incur additional expenses for glass replacement. Besides, it will be necessary to clean the interior from the hazardous debris.
  3. The representatives of the dealership will propose to change the locks. There is a nuance: for a car with an immobilizer, an electronic lock can be ordered only on the conditions of the manufacturer. The delivery takes a month or more, so during this time, you will have to get used to the inconveniences of public transport.
  4. There will be extra spending associated with the replacement of the ignition, door and trunk locks. Also, the locks from the gearbox, hood, glove box, if any, will automatically require replacement. The picture is unforgettable; therefore, it is worth trying other ways to solve the problem in order to reduce all the expenses as much as possible.

Quick emergency opening of car locks is possible, without breaking glass. Having lost your car key, you can make a new one by replacing the lost copy. Considering that the loss of a key is a frequent phenomenon, the service of a specialized company for car key cutting will solve the problem.

Think about getting a spare set in advance. Its presence will greatly facilitate the fate. This is a mere trifle in comparison with the car windows being knocked out. Otherwise, you will have to call a tow truck for transporting the car to a certain place. The tow truck operator will need to see documents which confirm that the car belongs to you. If such a misfortune happens in a big city, then it can be solved thanks to specialized companies, among the range of services of which you can use an emergency opening. Also, you can make an order for cutting a duplicate key.

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