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By contacting our car locksmith team, you will receive professional assistance in repair and replacement of a door lock or ignition near you with a guarantee! Do not delay with this type of work; remember that a faulty lock is easy prey for thieves. Our specialists have been dealing with various car lock types for a long time. Over the years, we have helped many grateful clients to open the auto door and fix the locking mechanism.


Repair of the ignition switch is not an easy task, and only a real pro should be entrusted with such a task. Despite the fact that the ignition lock is just a switch that closes the necessary contacts, it is an important unit for starting a car. Sometimes, even because of a minor breakdown, you have to give up the comfortable movement on your favourite vehicle. In the morning, you approach the car, patiently waiting for you in the parking lot, and are ready to drive — but a key that does not turn in the ignition can easily ruin your good mood. Do not panic, but rather figure out the causes of this problem.

Despite the apparent simplicity, one should not succumb to the temptation to resolve the issue on his/her own. It is better to turn to professionals from “Locksmith”. Our qualified specialists will carefully listen to your problem, quickly arrive at the place, assess the failure degree of the car element in question, perform emergency door opening if necessary and offer options for replacing the lock.

A complete ignition replacement will be needed if the lock is severely damaged. If you only need to restore the integrity of the locking mechanism, for example, after an unsuccessful hijacking attempt, it may be enough to just replace the cylinder of the ignition.

A modern car is a technically complex unit, and the malfunction of any component can cause a headache for an untrained worker. A door mechanism is no exception — no matter how hard you twist the key in the cylinder, it will not turn. It should not be forgotten that a brute force in such a situation can only do harm, and there is a possibility of permanent damage to the car.

Emergency car opening is a delicate matter that requires certain knowledge, analytical skills, patience, and familiarity with different security systems. We have extensive experience in working with domestic and foreign products and well aware of the level of their functional reliability. After entry gain to a locked car, in most situations, the structure remains in working condition suitable for further operation, which is very important. It should be noted that any equipment, regardless of its price category and quality, is not insured against failures and malfunctions, from the actions of vandals and break-in attempts by intruders.

No matter the cause, you should contact a specialized company to eliminate the issue. You will get a quote prior to work; the price won’t change in the process. We provide a guarantee for all work performed by us and immediately agree on deadlines. Contact us at 02045136991.


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Absolutely every operation, performed by our masters, is under guarantee, that is why you do not need to worry. We are doing our job seriously and always willing to help clients with emerging problems.


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