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For every car owner, the correct operation of the ignition lock is of exceptional importance. Therefore, change of the locking mechanism is a demanded service, no less than the others, such as replacing the turn switch or high-voltage wires, which is provided by experienced craftsmen of our company who have all the necessary competencies to complete this difficult task without the appearance of any traces on locks. The result of the work will satisfy even the most demanding customers. Specialists will quickly and accurately change your locks, leaving no scratches or abrasions. If you have lost the car key, we can make a duplicate in our workshop. The new key will perfectly match the original copy and fit your car locks.


Car doors and locking mechanisms often fail. In order to replace the locks, it is necessary to diagnose a breakdown and only then draw a conclusion about replacement. In 40% of all cases, the problem can be solved with a small repair without the use of spare parts. Such repairs are possible with minor damage that occurred during operation. But if it is still necessary to replace the car door mechanism, then it is better to seek the help of a professional. Our master will already have the necessary spare parts and consumables with him. Cleaning, lubricating and blowing out the device can often correct the situation. Proper diagnostics of the problem can help you save money on spare parts. Our auto locksmith removes the inner lining, examines the structural parts, lubricates and purges the mechanism, dismantles the device if necessary and carries out its full diagnostics in the removed state. Often the doors of the car are shut automatically, and your key can remain in the ignition. You can open the vehicle with a spare copy if you are not far from home, and the car is in the parking lot. If there is no way to find the keys, you will have to call an emergency service.

The procedure is carried out, taking into account all established standards. If a malfunction occurs, it is quite difficult to deliver a car, even by means of a tow truck. The question arises, how to replace the ignition switch? The correct answer is to use the contacts of our company and get a locksmith to the place, who can perform the following operations:

  • Unlock the ignition.
  • Dismantle the device if it is impossible to unlock.
  • Replace the mechanism.

You can avoid problems if you pay attention to the first signs of the malfunction:

  • Key enters and exits with great difficulty.
  • Force is required to turn the key.

The ignition switch is powered by the battery, which needs to be maintained in good condition. Do not apply excessive force to the key, which may affect the condition of the locking mechanism and lead to its breakage. We will check the main fuses and other electrical equipment. A critical situation with the device can arise in the following cases:

  • Errors in operation.
  • Foreign objects in the cylinder.
  • Theft attempt.
  • Loss of a car key.
  • Wear due to long-term use.

The reasons for the malfunction of the ignition are numerous. Therefore, the correct replacement of the ignition switch is a service that is often required. Breakage can occur as a result of a factory defect, and as a result of intensive use and clogging. Do not try to solve this problem on your own, and if you do not have the time and resources to deliver your car to a service station, it is possible to order a visit of a locksmith who will perform a professional replacement of the device in full accordance with the basic technological requirements.

Instead of completely dismantling the locking mechanism, the specialists of our company can replace the cylinder, which is much cheaper, given the brand of the car. The task requires professional knowledge and skills, which are perfectly mastered by the specialists of the service. They will fix various problems and carry out preventive work, the need for which does not lose its relevance.

Ignition repairs are carried out on high-quality modern equipment using certified parts at a very reasonable cost. We completely restore the ignition switch by repairing the key. You can also get professional advice to help you keep your battery in good condition, on which depends a full and correct power supply to the system. The mechanic of our company will check all the elements of the electrical equipment and main fuses that affect the state of the ignition switch.


One has only to be distracted or chat on the phone, and now the car door has already slammed shut with a key inside the cabin. The situation is painfully unpleasant but certainly familiar to many. There is a great variety of car models, and each of them has a special structure, the subtleties of which are not known to everyone. Locks opening is a whole science, which is based not only on excellent knowledge of the features of various car models but also on the system of skills for working with delicate mechanisms. It is quite possible to open the locking mechanism without a key by non-destructive methods, you just need to know how. Do not try to pull or set in motion an unyielding mechanism; it is better to contact specialists who will quickly deal with the problem

We will promptly respond to an emergency call and assist you in a few minutes. It is not easy to open a car without damaging its systems, but we know exactly what to do. The emergency opening is a particularly relevant service in the winter. During severe night frosts, batteries tend to discharge blocking the locking mechanisms. A professional locksmith will resolve the situation quickly and reliably.

We do everything to ensure that person receives help in a difficult situation. That is why our company is fully staffed with experienced employees. We will do our best to arrive at the scene as soon as possible. Naturally, you have to spend your time on the road and inspection of the car, but we always try to act quickly. Customer satisfaction is important for us, so we perform each task up to the best standards. Emergency car opening is demanded service. At some point, anyone may face such a problem as a dead battery or forgotten car key. Our service will help you as fast as possible. If you have absolutely no idea how to open the locking mechanism, call the emergency opening service at  02045136991.

Nowadays, most people seek to acquire an expensive and modern car. We work with vehicles of any brand and year of manufacture, including rare models. It is worth remembering that older models need delicate treatment because their design is many times more fragile than that of modern vehicles.

Our specialists are not only highly qualified but also very friendly and decent individuals. You can leave the vehicle and go have a cup of coffee or freshen up while we work on your vehicle. As soon as the door is opened, we will call you and inform about the completion. Our team strives to meet the wishes and requirements of each client.

We ask you to understand the fact that by calling our emergency service, upon request, you agree to present documents proving the ownership. Fake calls are not rare, so we have to pay attention to such trifles as checking the facts. We value our reputation and do not take on work that seems questionable or illegal to us.


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