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Looking for a commercial locksmith? You have come to the right place! Many of our clients are concerned about the safety of their business. Often, offices have flimsy doors with old and unreliable locks that are vulnerable to burglaries. For this reason, we offer professional installation of high-security locking systems on the entrances of the commercial premises in London. It is logical to entrust such an important matter to the hands of the qualified locksmith who is well-versed in all the intricacies of the job. You can reach us at 02045136991.


As a part of the security solutions for your business, we offer mounting of the remote surveillance cameras, installation of the commercial electromagnetic locks and set-up of the Automatic Access Control Systems (AACS). Our locksmith team has extensive experience in dealing with various types of security systems and will take all the measures to bring you peace of mind.

  • Commercial Video Surveillance. Owner of a large business must make some effort to ensure the safety of the office space. It is necessary not only to enlist the services of the guards that allow you to control access to the desired object but also to order video surveillance installation from specialized companies.

Often, managers try to save money on the surveillance devices choosing a company which offers the lowest prices. Without a doubt, doing so is a serious mistake; the main criterion must be the reliability of video surveillance. As practice shows, a video system that works in combination with a security agency is the most effective option.

  • Commercial Electromagnetic Locks. An electromagnetic locking mechanism is a complex device that allows opening doors remotely from a distance without a key. The electromagnetic lock can be used both as a separate unit which is opened with the push of the button, as well as an element of the intercoms.

The commercial locksmith will offer you one of the three standard options for the installation of these looks:

  • Access control based on the electromagnetic lock. Entry by keys. Egress is possible using either the exit button or key.
  • Proxy cards for entry. Exit by the button or proxy cards (proxy key fobs).
  • Code panel access control. Exit by the button.
  • Commercial Access Control & Management System.

AACS is a set of software and hardware security tools installed to restrict or register the entrance and exit of any kind of objects, like people or vehicles, through a certain territory. In addition to the basic function, AACS with additional modules can be used to track and organize working hours, calculate wages, register the number of visits, etc. It is also possible to connect to video surveillance systems, for example, to automatically turn on the camera, security and alarms to block access to the premises in the event of a fire.

AACS is an indispensable device for any, even a small, business. We are one of the most reputable commercial locksmith companies in London; the team that has been installing access control systems of any complexity and configuration for more than 8 years.

The emergency department of our commercial locksmith organization provides 24/7 door opening service for the individuals locked out of buildings. The specialist will open any lock damage-free and maintain the integrity of the structure; as a result, you will save on the installation of new mechanisms and doors. Our locksmith will meet all the safety standards.

We do not recommend taking any actions on your own, since an inexperienced approach can lead to additional spending. Also, think about possible injuries! By trying to save on the services of a professional locksmith, you might have to spend more money on repairing the damages.

The lock can be picked with the master key, by bumping and many other methods. We continuously improve our skills and help a lot of people every day. If it’s not possible to save the existing lock, the locksmith will change it on the same visit! We work around the clock to meet the needs of our customers. Arrival time averages 25 minutes!


  • Company employs exclusively professional craftsmen who will take on any task with confidence.
  • Utilization of modern methods and the use of high-grade tools.
  • Fast response.
  • Privacy protection of our customers.

We value our reputation and are not looking to make a quick, one-time profit. Our goal is long-term cooperation and building a broad base of regular customers. Honesty, professionalism and clarity of the process are critical for the success, and we offer nothing less!


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Absolutely every operation, performed by our masters, is under guarantee, that is why you do not need to worry. We are doing our job seriously and always willing to help clients with emerging problems.


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We use both traditional and modern methods to fix and upgrade your lock and exclude potential damage:

  • When you need to get fast access to your property, vehicle or safe.
  • In case you are willing to improve your lock, making it more secure and durable.

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