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Our professional locksmith company was founded in 2002. Over the years, we have gathered a staff of experienced craftsmen who have opened a vast number of different locking mechanisms, from mailboxes to aeroplanes. The company provides 24 hour emergency services for opening door locks of any complexity. London locksmith is always ready to help you! We work with both private organizations and government agencies. Contact us at 02045136991 for a 24-hour assistance near you! The dispatch centre operator will route the closest available emergency locksmith to any location upon receiving your call. We will quickly gain entry to your locked house, safe or car. You can count on us for a favourable resolution of your emergency.


Various locking mechanisms have firmly entered our lives, each of us uses one or another locking device several times a day. No one is insured from the loss of the key or failure of the lock. In case of trouble with the door lock, you should not try to open it on your own. The primary function of the lock is restricting the access of unauthorized individuals and protecting the property. Your attempts to gain entry will be useless without special tools, knowledge of the mechanism and practical skills. Moreover, your actions can make the situation worse; the cost of emergency locksmith services may significantly increase, and you will probably have to buy a new lock. Our locksmith will open the door using professional-grade tools and technique appropriate for the specific type of lock in question, maintaining its full performance.

If you suddenly find yourself in a difficult situation, please contact our 24-hour lock picking service. You can request the locksmith at any time of the day for quick and efficient elimination of the issue related to a lock or door.  Our specialists continuously sharpen their skills by completing advanced training courses and have in their arsenal all the necessary tools from the best manufacturers, which guarantees a 100% satisfactory result no matter the case. If necessary, the locksmith will replace your mechanism with the similar or better lock model on the same visit.

We will open any type of structure, including complex door systems with increased burglary resistance. We value each client and guarantee an individual approach to your situation. Our main goal is to provide a high-quality service at reasonable prices. The specialists use only modern equipment and tools for work which allow completing even the most challenging tasks without damaging the property.

Be aware, there are many people who are ready to offer you their services, but there are few trustworthy specialists who can really help in opening the door lock without a key. We have come many times to the assistance of London residents to deal with the lock that has already been broken by such would-be “experts”. All companies involved in door opening services have about the same prices, so if someone gives you a clearly underestimated cost, then it will rise upon the arrival of the employee. Companies may also offer below the market price in cases when they are training their workers.

Our team is available around the clock, seven days a week. Before proceeding with the work, the specialist is obligated to check your ownership of the property. We do not cooperate with criminals or violate legal regulations, and provide services in strict adherence to the law. Our employees have the right to refuse to open the door without giving a reason. By contacting the “Locksmithlock” team, you can be sure that you will be served by a polite, sober and experienced specialist.


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Absolutely every operation, performed by our masters, is under guarantee, that is why you do not need to worry. We are doing our job seriously and always willing to help clients with emerging problems.


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We use both traditional and modern methods to fix and upgrade your lock and exclude potential damage:

  • When you need to get fast access to your property, vehicle or safe.
  • In case you are willing to improve your lock, making it more secure and durable.

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