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You can order key cutting for all types of locks and locking devices in our London workshop. Experienced craftsmen use modern professional equipment in the duplication process of your original copy. We will fulfil any order quickly and efficiently.


If you have lost the key, then we will help you to make a duplicate of any complexity and regardless of the design. Over the years in business, we have helped many customers and produced more than 10,000 duplicates. For the copy, we use high-quality materials. Therefore, the key made by some of the most qualified experts in London will serve for a long time without any complaints.


Currently, manufacturers produce the main key fob models with feedback, which have a display, and additional ones without feedback. If the fob is broken or lost for any reason, then the car owner does not have to change the entire car security system. It performs a number of important functions:

  • activates and deactivates the alarm.
  • controls vehicle units.

All such devices have a dynamic code with a million combinations. This ensures a high degree of reliability. After purchase, the key fob is programmed in a particular way for a specific security system. If the key breaks or is lost, then its code is erased from the memory. Each manufacturer develops its own programming system. Car alarm management is impossible without a key fob. We can carry out programming of the fob, coding of the transponder or make to order.



In some cases, key cutting service may be required to make a copy for the ignition lock, trunk and car doors. The installed locks can have a wide variety of designs, but this does not stop the specialists of our company when it is necessary to cut a car key. Our confidence in producing a quality duplicate is based on broad practical experience and excellent technical equipment of the workshop.


Order a duplicate in advance if you do not want to overpay in the future.  The copy can be made both on the basis of an existing key, or without it. Duplicating from the original key will always cost less than copying from the lock. Turning to us, you can be sure of a quick and high-quality order fulfilment at a very reasonable price.



Our company employs experienced, skilled craftsmen who can quickly perform work on the replacement of a key of any complexity. A full range of services, which is provided by our workshop for key cutting, includes the production of various duplicates for:

  • entrance and interior doors of any design.
  • intercoms and other electronic systems.
  • car locks: doors, trunk, ignition lock.
  • garage, warehouse and industrial gates.
  • safes and deposit boxes.

We use high-quality workpieces, CNC machines, specialized equipment and modern tools in making a new key. Therefore, our products are guaranteed to fit the lock, match the factory-made key and perform smoothly during the operation. In the absence of the original key, it is possible to produce the duplicate from the lock. We are 100 % customer-oriented striving to meet the demands while keeping the prices among some of the lowest in London.



Traditionally, requests for a key duplicate for the doors of the apartments, offices and garages, are the most frequent. The reasons for this can be numerous. The key may be lost, existing copies may not be enough, and sometimes, they might get stolen. Professional key cutting for all of the above is possible by contacting our team at 0203 905 1199. We will make sure that you get a new copy on the same day you turned to us.


There are no locks for us, for which it is impossible to make a reliable and high-quality key. At the same time, prices are always at a reasonable level for the residents of London. In the case of ordering several key duplicates from X POUNDS, we provide a discount.



These days, it is hard to surprise someone with a coded door in the entrance. If earlier, it was a luxury, today it is an affordable necessity. In order to open such a door, a unique digital chip is required. As a rule, when installing the intercom, the service company provides you with the necessary number of fob identifiers.


What if, for some reason, you need an additional key later? It would seem that the answer to this question is simple; you just call the company that installed the device and request a specialist. But what to do when the service company no longer exists?


The electronic key of high-quality and at a low price, that’s what many residents of London need, and we are ready to help. You don’t have to waste any more time searching for a professional service. Our specialist will make a duplicate key in a matter of a few minutes. The manufacturing process in our workshop is carried out by reading the source code, using as a basis the module which operates on the electrical panel of your entrance. The latest equipment and knowledge of technologies for encoding electronic key for intercoms help our specialists to fulfil orders as quickly as possible with a guarantee of correct operation.


You can confidently entrust the manufacture of plastic passes to the experts of “Locksmith” . The duplicate is produced by reading a unique code, based on an identification card, to organize a security system. Modern equipment will transfer the code from the original to a new key in just a few seconds.



What to do if the key to the safe is lost or broken? “Locksmith” specialists will promptly produce a new key for all types of safe locks. Due to the design features of the locking mechanism, this kind of job requires high professionalism. Our employees perform the task in compliance with the required parameters, creating the product in strict accordance with the original, and if necessary, modify a new kit manually while maintaining the manufacturer’s warranty.


Since some locking mechanisms have ceased to be produced or the model is very rare, the only way to restore full functionality of the safe may be making a key from the lock or changing the core. The price of this service is negotiated on an individual basis, since the cost of blanks for different locking systems may differ several times. Manufacturing time depends on the complexity of the work and can take from 5-10 minutes to 1 working day.


“Locksmith” is a network of workshops for key cutting services. The history of the company has more than 8 years of successful work in the market. The main field of activity: emergency services related to locking mechanisms. Most of our workshops are located in large shopping centres in London and the surrounding area for the convenience of clients. In the last year alone, we have opened 5 new stores in different parts of the city.


Our masters are highly qualified and are constantly certified in our own training centre. To our merits, we attribute the high quality of the services, which gives us the right to be called the No. 1 company for key cutting. Currently, the number of our clients exceeds 30,000 people a year and this figure is continuously rising.


Another significant advantage is the provision of a guarantee for the work performed up to a year, as well as discounts for our regular customers. A whole department of our company is working on improving customer service so that every, even the most challenging work, is done in accordance with the client’s requirements. Responding to the trends of the times and striving to evolve, we introduce new services that allow us to meet the rapidly changing demand.

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