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We are your local locksmith team offering 24/7 lock change service at affordable prices. Your house will be adequately protected with the latest models of security mechanisms. The specialist can replace locks in metal, wooden and plastic doors. Each member of our emergency department has at least 5 years of experience in the field and changed hundreds of different locking mechanisms. Our top priority is getting the job done up to the best standards. It takes about 25 minutes for the specialist to arrive, and only 20 minutes to change most models of locking devices. The Locksmith guarantees a prompt response to a call, professionalism and clarity of the process. If you want to change door locks after emergency opening, we can do it on the same visit! Dispatch centre accepts calls around the clock and can be reached at 02045136991.


Malfunction of locks is the main reason for replacing them. The second and third places are shared by the loss of keys and the client’s desire to increase the reliability of door mechanisms. We do not recommend trying to replace the locks on your own; this task requires specific knowledge, skills and tools. Even if once you managed to change the mechanism on a wooden door, then with a metal analogue, it is likely that you will encounter difficulties. A wise person will prefer to contact a professional locksmith, whose main specialization is the replacement of locks. Our company employs real experts in locks, so we can guarantee excellent results to all customers.

Why is it better to enlist the support of professionals? Some people may think that locks replacement is not an overly complicated task. Indeed, it is usually the case, provided that the door is handled by a qualified locksmith and not an amateur. Think about whether you have a set of necessary tools at hand, endowed with the appropriate knowledge of different types of locks and have practical experience; in the event that you answer yes to all these questions, you can proceed with installing the locks. In order to change the mechanism, the master must know the thickness of the door structure, distance between the handle and keyhole, location of the stiffeners and dimensions of the insertion slot. It is impossible to achieve success without the above information. High secrecy and quality will ensure a smooth operation of the mechanism for many years in combination with decent protection of your house. Calling a specialist who has experience in dealing with complex locks is an effective way to quickly resolve an emergency.

How our company can help you? We begin to build relationships with the customer at the stage of his call to the dispatch centre. Our employee will help you to figure out how much you need to change the door locks. For the client, the price is the main argument in choosing a service. In fact, flawless operation of the locking device and its reliability should be the main criterion. Sometimes, locks may only need to be repaired.  The locksmith can determine the nature of the malfunction, which in some cases requires taking apart the door. It may be necessary to install additional elements when replacing the door locks. Our company is always happy to offer a selection of quality accessories and fittings from various manufacturers. Locks will become a formidable obstacle for burglars after the work of the master. We will dismantle the existing lock and install the new device as soon as circumstances permit. Usually, it takes no more than 20 minutes if the situation is not complicated by the individual design features of the structure. In any case, not a single problem will remain unsolved; the experience of our team accumulated over the years of dedicated work, allows us to satisfy the wishes of the most demanding customers.

Regardless of the quality, sooner or later, the door locks can break. Our company offers the replacement of door handles in London and the surrounding areas. If our employee, during the initial inspection, finds that it can’t be repaired, the fittings will have to be replaced. Most of our clients have faced such a problem as complete or partial separation of the handle from the structure due to broken ties or poor-quality installation. If the handle began to dangle on the door, you need to act fast while there is still a chance to keep it; at this stage, it is enough to securely fasten the handle to the door. Do not postpone the visit of the master; dial the number of our company to save your nerves.

It’s time to choose a new model if the repair of the handle is not possible. Our experts will tell you in detail about the manufacturers and the features of their locks. For example, Italian companies put an emphasis on convenience and quality; their handles are usually made of brass. The Chinese prefer aluminium and its alloys. Thus, Italian models are considered more reliable and appealing, while Chinese locks are unmatched in terms of price. Of course, when replacing handles, the type of doors and model of locks can’t be discounted. Also, pay attention to the surface finish: matt, chrome or nickel-plated products will delight you every day with their exquisite appearance. The price of the handles depends on the alloy and coating. But whatever you prefer, you can rest assured that the change of handles will be carried out at the highest level and you will not have to regret contacting us.


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