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The company is engaged in emergency doors opening, as well as in repair and maintenance of locks of any complexity. Also, you can order a key duplicate in our fully equipped workshop. For more than 8 years, our work has been appreciated by clients and is in high demand in the service market. Our employees are highly qualified specialists who are fully responsible for the competent and proper performance. The company’s locksmith can provide professional assistance and advise the client on the selection of high-grade lock models, various access systems and door structures.


The employees of our locksmith team have sufficient knowledge and experience in installing all types of locks: from traditional mechanisms to advanced electronic models. We work with mortise, surface-mounted, cylindrical, biometric, magnetic, safe and other lock types. We only deal with door products manufactured to high-quality standards and suitable to effectively protect your property.

The modern market for doors and locking mechanisms includes a wide variety of models and designs, the selection, installation, maintenance and repair of which should be carried out with the involvement of experienced specialists. Often, an incorrectly selected and installed lock does not fully fulfil its functions and weakens the protective properties of the door. Therefore, we strive not only to provide a service but to approach the matter as reasonably as possible so that the structure becomes an insurmountable obstacle for burglars. Our goal is customer satisfaction and long-term cooperation.

The reliability of the door and the safety of your home directly depend on how well the locks are installed. Therefore, it is important to entrust this work to professionals who will be able to take into account the characteristics of the door material, the type and security class of the lock and other important factors. When carrying out repairs in an apartment, inserting locks is often required for several entries at once. For example, you need to equip with a lock not only a single or double door but also interior entrances.

If the installation of the lock is performed by an experienced locksmith, the whole procedure takes no more than an hour. The work begins with the selection of the locking mechanism in accordance with the size of the structure and the wishes of the owner of the apartment. Two different types of locks are often installed on the front entrance; this can significantly increase the burglary resistance of the design. The installation of the mechanism is carried out in several stages:

  • Marking of holes for the handle and key.
  • Drilling the necessary slots and their refinement.
  • Installation of an entrance lock.
  • Checking the operability of the mechanism.
  • Final fixation of the locking device and handles.

The installation process has several subtleties that only a qualified specialist can adequately manage. For example, modern locks are often equipped with protective overlays for better burglary resistance; their effectiveness directly depends on the correct choice and installation of the mechanism.

Apartment owners often order a complex installation: locking devices are mounted on the exterior and interior entrances. Such a service not only makes a living in an apartment more comfortable and saves money, but is often a necessary measure. The need for access control inside the house may arise when:

  • Landlord plans to rent out one or more rooms.
  • One of the premises is used as a personal workshop or office.
  • Family members need personal space.
  • Each tenant wants a separate key.

Installing a lock in a wooden structure has its own specifics, which must be considered so that the frame does not come out of alignment after prolonged use and the lock functions without issues.

The price of installing a lock depends on the amount of work and the type of door. By contacting us, you will receive detailed advice on the choice of a product and the necessary operations. After examining the site, the locksmith will give recommendations on selecting a suitable locking mechanism and fittings.

The situations that require insertion of a different device can emerge suddenly; for example, after the old one was damaged as a result of a break-in attempt. With us, if required, you will get your mechanism changed on the same day that you called our team, which means that a new, reliable locking device will take its rightful place in the shortest possible time and ensure the safety of your home.

Electromechanical models have gained immense popularity among homeowners due to the protection they offer. Structurally, such a lock is similar to a conventional device: it also has a mechanical part that extends and keeps the door in the closed position. However, the mechanism is controlled by an electronic circuit board. Many designs allow for two options, that is, you can open it both manually and electronically.

When choosing whom to entrust the installation of an electromechanical device, it should be borne in mind that this procedure requires a higher qualification of the locksmith than the insertion of conventional mechanisms. Therefore, it is important to find a specialist who has sufficient experience in this particular type of work. Our employees have all the necessary skills and knowledge to handle any tasks confidently and efficiently. Reach us at 02045136991.


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