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Are you looking for a specialist to repair, replace, upgrade or install the door lock? Call us! We offer 24/7 service near your location and fix locking mechanisms of any complexity. If the lock on your metal, wooden or plastic door is giving you trouble, contact the “Locksmithlock” team for a quick resolution of your emergency. You can request the assistance of a qualified locksmith at any time of the day, as we always keep someone available for a swift response to a call.

Amateur interference with the mechanism of the lock or handle will not guarantee their stable operation in the future. Sooner or later, the mechanism will need to be restored again. Most often, issues arise at the most inopportune moment. For example, you might find yourself spending the night on the street because you couldn’t open the door to your apartment. Save some nerves and get one of our repair specialists at the first signs of the problem with your lock.


You can reach us by phone at 02045136991 or through the online feedback form. Describe to the operator the details of your situation. The application will go to the nearest specialist, who will immediately arrive at the specified address. He will assess the scale of damage and quickly restore or replace failed parts of the lock. Each locksmith has a wide range of locks and cylinders to promptly replace those locking elements that can’t be restored. They always have with them more than 500 types of various mechanism models, handles and armour plates; everything that you may need.

The newly installed door devices are guaranteed to operate without issues for up to 3 years. The locksmith will provide you with a more precise estimate once he is on the site of work since the warranty period will depend on the manufacturer and model of the lock.

Our company guarantees that all work will be performed at a high and professional level. Check out our advantages to make the right choice:

  • Our masters drive out to the customer almost immediately after receiving the call, and on average, arrive at the specified place within 25 minutes.
  • We only use professional-grade tools.
  • Employees of the company work around the clock and travel to any point in the area.
  • We guarantee the complete safety of your premises and no damage to your property.
  • We will select a suitable and reliable lock for the entrance.
  • All work is backed by a 90-day warranty period.

The door handle can be in the form of a bracket or a strip with holes for a cylindrical mechanism. Most often, it is integrated with the lock mechanism; therefore, damage to the handle leads to the fact that the door can’t be opened. A malfunction can be caused by:

  • Wear of individual structural elements.
  • Weakening of fixation.
  • Damage to the spring mechanism inside the device.
  • Violation of the geometry.
  • Damage to the square rod.
  • The fragility of the metal.
  • Poor fastening of the handle to the structure.
  • Attempt to pick the lock.

If the handle is deformed and damaged, the best solution is to replace it completely. Do not attempt to restore the handle yourself. It will quickly break again anyway. In this case, you will have to pay for both the opening of the mechanism and its replacement. Call us, and our specialist will arrive with a large selection of handles in a few minutes!

You might be asking yourself: “Should I restore the correct operation of the old locking mechanism or simply replace it with a new device?” Well, most often, customers contact when their old lock is already broken, and it is impractical to restore it. But there are times when restoring is realistic, and it is cheaper than buying a new model. Stages of work:

  • Dismantling the mechanism.
  • Opening the locking device.
  • Inspection and diagnostics.
  • Identification and elimination of all defects.

The cost of the work depends on the complexity and configuration of the mechanism, as well as on the parts used in the process of restoring the door locking device. Diagnostics allow to accurately determine the faulty elements and the required time to work. The minimum cost of work is X pounds. Based on our own experience, in most cases, we do not recommend restoring, but urge to immediately change the damaged mechanisms. The repaired device can’t really be as reliable as before.

We strive to make each client happy and leave him/her satisfied with the experience of interacting with us. You can be sure that you will receive the best treatment possible, as we really value our reputation!


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Absolutely every operation, performed by our masters, is under guarantee, that is why you do not need to worry. We are doing our job seriously and always willing to help clients with emerging problems.


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We use both traditional and modern methods to fix and upgrade your lock and exclude potential damage:

  • When you need to get fast access to your property, vehicle or safe.
  • In case you are willing to improve your lock, making it more secure and durable.

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