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Locked out of your car? Can’t open the trunk or hood by yourself? Perhaps the car key is lost, broken or stolen? In any of these situations, the driver needs emergency lockout assistance. Initially, you might be tempted to have your car serviced at a dealership. However, you look for alternatives after research and learning about the downsides of such choice, including high costs and long waiting times. It is more reasonable to contact a professional auto locksmith for whom entry gain to a locked vehicle is the main area of expertise.


Many drivers persistently try to open locked doors on their own to save money. For this purpose, they use all available means at hand, only aggravating the situation. As a result, these attempts end in a critical breakdown of the car lock, which will subsequently require expensive repairs. The costs for it are many times greater than the amount required to pay for car opening by qualified specialists.

Therefore, it is on your best interests to call a local company which specializes in a lockout roadside assistance, should you find yourself locked out of the vehicle. Just dial 02045136991 for the nearest specialist and efficient resolution of your emergency. Our operator will name the approximate prices for the lockout service at the time the application is accepted.

Traditionally, the most common requests from our clients include opening the doors on the car models of domestic and foreign production. The fact is that there is a whole list of factors based on which such work may be needed.

It is usually not possible to get inside the vehicle independently. Only a specialist with the appropriate competence, qualifications and experience can regain access to the car without unnecessary damage. It is important not to postpone the matter indefinitely, report the incident as quickly as possible and order the services of specialized employees.

We will be happy to advise you on how to open the trunk without a key, and if necessary, we will arrive at the scene, bring the appropriate tool with us and make it so that you can again get access to the engine, radiator, air filter and other items. Compared to trying to fix the problem yourself, turning to us inexpensive, convenient, and easy!

During the cold season of the year, we observe an influx of calls: minivans, SUVs, sedans and hatchbacks of modern production have similar problems associated with low temperatures. In winter, the car lock may freeze, the battery in the key may run out, or the contact sensor won’t work; all while you already need to be in the car and on the road to the work. There are many other circumstances which require to open a locked door without a key in the shortest possible time, without damaging the glass, lock and paint.

In this position, you should not resort to drastic measures such as breaking the glass or using improvised tools to unlock your car. The most reasonable, reliable and effective method is to order services from the specialist of the appropriate occupation, for whom emergency car door opening is a day-to-day job!


  1. Without proper skills and equipment, the amateur can cause serious damage to the car. Think twice and thrice how much you will overpay for repairs if you try to open a locked vehicle with improvised means.
  1. You may find yourself in this situation with children and your significant other. Children need to go to school, she needs to go to work, and it’s a blizzard or frost outside. No comments.
  1. There will undoubtedly be empathetic and conscientious citizens who will think it is a car hijacking and call the police.

For a professional, the opening procedure takes no more than 10 minutes. Craftsmen are well familiar with the structure of locks from different manufacturers. This allows us to perform work without damaging the car. The total cost of the service may vary with the time of day, distance to the location and type of the car lock.


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