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There are many unforeseen situations in life that are associated with inconveniences and problems. One of these problems can be an accidentally slammed door to an apartment or a broken lock leaving the resident locked out of house. A locked entry can pose a huge challenge for the house owner. It’s good if he lives on the ground floor and there are no bars on the windows. But there are very few such apartments now. After all, most owners of the living space are trying to protect the house as much as possible from uninvited guests. You can also try to knock down the door. However, this will only help against a simple wooden structure, and even if the owner manages to open it this way, the next problem awaits him – repairing the door. The best course of action is to contact a professional locksmith who specializes in gaining entry to locked buildings.


In all large cities, there are emergency locksmith companies that assist the residents locked out of the house, office or car. If you have forgotten the key or have lost it and the door is blocking your way, do not succumb to despair! There is a way out, and it is quite simple. Our emergency locksmith team is at your service to help you in a difficult situation. Opening of locked buildings without a key is a very responsible and serious business. Entrusting this task to an amateur is a big mistake. There are many novice craftsmen who fiddle with the lock for a long time, scratch the door, and still, can not get inside the house. They excuse their poor performance by saying that you have an advanced lock model with a high degree of protection and may even offer you to simply break it. Therefore, attempts to save money in this matter will likely cost you more in the end! It is in your best interests to contact a local locksmith company which values its reputation! Just dial 02045136991 and take a moment to find out about the services we offer!

Emergency entry gain for residents who are locked out of their house is our main area of expertise! What are the qualities that distinguish true locksmith professionals from the amateurs? To begin with, this must be a very responsible person. Work with a locked mechanism requires patience and a clear mind. Trust the safety of your house only to a professional who will do everything carefully paying attention to the details. A true master will treat your door as his own and will try not to make a single scratch. Before the trainee starts to work on his own, he spends quite a while in the workshop, disassembling locks, making a key for a lock, etc. Then, he undertakes an internship with an experienced locksmith for a year and performs different tasks exclusively under his guidance. Only then, if the trainee receives the approval of the master, he is accepted into our team. Secondly, the locksmith must have certain skills that will help him to open various locking mechanisms of any security class. Some of the most challenging situations require the use of a power tool to pick a locked device. In any case, by turning to the assistance of the experienced locksmith, you can be confident that one way or another, your door will be unblocked and you will get inside. We assure you, there will be no damage to the door, and the lock will remain functional!

Our locksmith team operates on a 24/7 basis which means the clients can always count on us regardless of the time of day, weather and other conditions. Let’s take a look at a hypothetical situation for an example. At night, in the summer heat, ice cream comes to your mind. You go to the store, and upon your return, you find the door damaged as if someone was trying to force his way into your premises. Fortunately for you, it is still locked, and you are hoping that the burglars were not able to steal your property. However, you can’t turn the lock anymore with your door key and get inside. It’s one o’clock in the morning, so it’s late to call friends. Well, that’s when we come into play! Our mobile units are standby to answer the call and deal with the locked entry.


After gaining entry to a locked building, sometimes, it is necessary to change the existing door lock. Our specialists carry a wide range of different lock models, so the task can be accomplished on the same visit! Besides that, it is quite rare for the budget mechanisms to function without any issues throughout their service life. Therefore, it is periodically required to repair or replace the lock in the door. This can’t be achieved without specialized tools and knowledge of different types of locks.

The most common reason for the change is the breakage of an old lock. In many cases, there is only one solution, complete replacement of the existing device with a new one. Another popular reason is the need for a new set of keys after a purchase of an apartment, departure of the tenants or loss of the original copy.

The lock may malfunction not only due to the natural causes; burglars do not worry much about preserving the property of their victim. Forced entry attempts are, unfortunately, a frequent occurrence in our time. An ordinary door lock will save you from petty hooligans, but it is powerless against experienced burglars. Your lock may fail due to the foreign object stuck in it or excessive force applied to its components.

Advances in technology allow for designing sophisticated locking devices which are next to impossible to pick.  Therefore, for your own safety and the safety of your loved ones, it is better to timely replace outdated models with new mechanisms that are more reliable in terms of security.


Having problems with a faulty lock, lost or damaged keys? Autostart system jammed? Do you need repair of the car lock? Our company will help you with all of the above! The specialist will promptly go to the site, diagnose the lock with the help of professional equipment, pick it without any mechanical damage to the vehicle, and also repair the car lock or replace it with modern high-precision tools.

At the same time, you won’t have to worry about the safety of other mechanisms, as well as the paintwork of the car. Our company takes full responsibility for any damage caused during the opening and repair of the car lock and will do everything possible to minimize it. The services of our company for cutting the car key will cost much less than repairing the damage caused by the owner’s independent intervention.

Our specialists work with systems of any complexity and practically any car brands. We will unlock and carry out the necessary repairs to a jammed car lock, replace a faulty cylinder, solve the problem with a multi-lock, immobilizer and other types of anti-theft devices. Don’t wait until the lock is completely broken! Contact us, and you will save not only your nerves but also a lot of money in the future! Keep in mind that for the most efficient repair of the car lock, the key must be in a particular position, so full jamming of the mechanism will significantly complicate the task.

Let us remind you that we require presentation of the documents that demonstrate the ownership of the vehicle and confirm the identity of the client. We guarantee honesty and professionalism of our employees, and offer competitive prices!


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