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Mortise locks models are commonly found in the doors of our apartments and other premises. They are mounted on a metal door in a slot designed for certain dimensions of the lock. Installed inside, mortice mechanisms don’t spoil the appearance of the door and protected with an iron sheet on both sides. If you want to increase the performance or level of resistance to picking, we select options for replacement, based on the size of the insertion slot. If it is possible to modify the slot, we can replace the existing mechanism with a different lock that has other parameters. An important parameter when choosing and installing a mortise structure is the thickness of the door. We are standby to assist you any time in case of a problem with the lock.

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By the kind of mechanism, mortise lock models are divided into the cylinder, lever, disk, electronic, code and biometric devices. Each type of mortice mechanism has its own pros and cons. Therefore, the lock is selected based on a specific situation:

  • Material of the door.
  • Type of the building: educational, business, industrial, storage, etc.
  • Operating temperatures.
  • Number of users.
  • Requirements for safety and fire resistance.

Mortice device can be primary and secondary. The former has a mechanism which is connected to the handle, that is, the body has a latch or tongue. When you press the handle, it retracts, and when released, it extends to fix the door. As a rule, the main mortice mechanism is lower in location. When choosing such a lock, pay attention to which side the door opens, left or right. In some cases, manufacturers make the latch universal in the design; it can be turned over in the desired direction. Secondary mortice lock mechanisms don’t have handles.

For the correct determination of durability and reliability, the locking systems are assigned classes, from 1 to 4, after opening tests by various methods. The longer it takes, the higher the class. Mortice lock models of the 3rd and 4th class should be installed on the front metal doors of apartments. But there are still old entrance structures with mechanisms of the 1st and 2nd class, which we recommend to change. Cheap, low-quality products can’t resist forced entry attempts, and often, the owner himself will have issues with such systems. There is also a parameter called opening-closing cycles, which the lock withstands until it loses its performance; the better it is made, the higher the number of cycles.


The diagnostics can’t be performed over the Internet. You can’t determine the reasons for the malfunction of a particular mortice device using a search engine, enlisting the help of neighbours or relying on your own experience. You should contact a professional locksmith at the first signs of damage:

  • Lack of a characteristic click when the mechanism is triggered.
  • Difficult or unusually smooth turn of the key.
  • Malfunctions of the coded mechanisms such as sticking buttons.
  • Deformation of the cylinder or loss of small parts.
  • Difficulties with the extraction of the key.

Any of these points is a reason to immediately call our service. You will receive an initial consultation by phone, after which the dispatchers will place an order. If you contact us in time, the repairs can be carried out with minimal intervention. Otherwise, the mortice lock will have to be completely replaced.  Call us at 02045136991. We use materials from trusted manufacturers and guarantee the high quality of the service. The locksmith will arrive within 15-20 minutes, wherever you are. We work on holidays and weekends, so a breakdown will not disrupt your plans.

Changing the mortice lock of a metal door does not take much time. Our employees always arrive on time. Punctuality is ensured due to the fact that we have a network of mobile units throughout the city. Each master is equipped with modern tools. We work in all locations of the city and drive out immediately after receiving the call. The Locksmiths will always come to the rescue if you find yourself in a situation where changing a lock in a metal door is inevitable. Here some advice on choosing a reliable mortice mechanism and protecting your home:

  • To increase the protective functions, it is enough to install an armoured plate.
  • When choosing a mechanism, take a responsible approach to the analysis of the characteristics of the device and how it is installed. The cylinder must be in the same plane as the door. An incorrectly installed mechanism will entail the change of the entire structure.
  • The reliability and durability of the device is not only the quality of production but also the quality of operation.
  • Don’t assume that a million-combination key will protect you around the clock. Reliability is always a complex of technological solutions. The key combination must be kept secret, but not to a point where it is forgotten or lost.

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