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Our motorcycle locksmith will assist riders in the replacement and manufacture of new motorcycle keys in the event of a loss or breakdown. In order to make a copy of the key, you need to call us at 02045136991, and the locksmith will complete the order in your presence. The process takes a little time, we have reasonable prices and high-quality products.


Bikes, as well as cars, are equipped with a standard alarm (immobilizer). Of course, not all models are equipped with the immobilizers, but almost every modern bike comes with the security system. If the immobilizer is installed on the motorcycle, then making a simple copy of the key, without a chip, will not allow you to start the engine. It is necessary to make a transponder (chip) for such models. Our locksmith workshop has all the special chip writing equipment for most bikes.

If you have lost all the keys to a bike, scooter or ATV, you can dismantle the ignition switch and bring it to our workshop. Making an ignition key from the lock is not a straightforward procedure. We use special decoders and software for calculating the key cutting code to make a key from the lock, which will also open the gas tank cap. Have you lost all the chip keys and don’t know what to do? If you contact an authorized dealer, then you will pay a large sum of money for the services because they can’t enter a new key into the motorcycle without the Master Key which is the main copy in the pair of keys; if the Master Key is lost, it is impossible to add more keys using the standard methods. We work differently. To record the key, we need an immobilizer unit. Depending on the manufacturer and model of the bike, the immobilizer is integrated into the control unit (ECU) or antenna located on the ignition switch. To make a new key, we need an ignition lock and an immobilizer unit.

Our company has been making keys since 2012. Over many years of work, we have accumulated extensive experience that allows us to fulfil orders with high quality and in a short time. Our workshop is equipped with European high-tech equipment to produce high-precision keys without any defects. You can order keys for bikes of different models. The company’s masters are well aware of the peculiarities and nuances of making duplicates for ignition locks. We assure that the keys produced by our specialists will be reliable in operation, last for a long time, and easily turn in the lock.


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