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Our team of security experts have decades of experience designing effective access control systems for businesses across a wide range of industries. Thanks to modern technologies from leading manufacturers which are installed by our locksmith, your security system will be both highly efficient and easy to manage to ensure proper control of people throughout the building, the safety of your business, employees and property. We have been providing service since 2012 and have earned a good reputation among our clients in London.


By turning for assistance to the locksmith professionals, you can be confident that your business’s unique security needs will be met through efficient system design. We are ready to assist architects, owners and engineers in the preparation of documents for electronic security systems, mechanical access systems and automatic entrances for new construction projects. Trust our certified locksmith to gain a clear understanding of your unique safety needs and appropriate levels of communication throughout the process. As a major service provider, we actively support all necessary licensing requirements for the projects; this helps to avoid problems and keep your security systems in line with their requirements. In addition, an experienced locksmith can provide training so that you can make the most of it from the start.

Door access control systems are digital systems that provide authorized access to your building. They ensure that only approved personnel can enter your building, keeping outsiders out. This can be extremely effective in preventing intrusions, vandalism, and other criminal activity on a specific territory. Such devices are more efficient than the traditional lock and key systems and make it easier to control the access. Employees and other staff no longer need to carry keys or open doors the old fashioned way. You can provide users with convenient login forms such as card keys, fobs, mobile app barcodes, and more. Want to know more? Call our locksmith dispatch centre at 02045136991.

Companies can add access control to a single door or multiple doors in their building. Even if your building has multiple doors, you may not want or need to protect each one. Think about where you need protection the most, and where you can use a simple lock and key system. However, keep in mind that if you only use access control on one or two doors, you may not be able to integrate other systems later if you decide to expand.

Owners know exactly how much work it might take to just keep the area properly locked and open to employees during business hours. The key is needed not only for the first employee who comes in the morning but also for the one who locks the room at night. Keeping everything under control, yet accessible to the customers, can be a major logistical challenge if you have multiple points that need to be locked down throughout the day. Our locksmith team understands that you need to regulate movement throughout the facility allowing the customers to enter and keeping others out when it matters the most. ACS protects against uncontrolled entry points eliminating unauthorized visitor access. We offer several service options for managing an access control system. Depending on your decision, we can provide software or web-based management application that you can use to create a secure work environment and easily manage entry points inside and outside your premises.


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