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uPVC door is used in every home. Regardless of the quality of the product, its size and frequency of use, over time, due to temperature changes, exposure to moisture and mechanical damage, both the entire door and its components of the lock can fail. uPVC door lock models have standardized dimensions and in most cases, can be fixed in a short time. By calling a locksmith who is armed with the necessary knowledge to repair and restore the full functionality of the door lock, you will save your time and money.


Today, when arranging their own house or apartment, people choose modern lock models and appropriate components for them. The most common reason for the failure of the lock is the use of cheap and low-quality fittings in products made of uPVC profiles. In such cases, neither the locksmith nor independent attempts will solve the problem – you will need to replace the door lock.

The selection of the lock depends on the goals of the consumer. The first criterion is the size of the model, which is determined by the type of structure into which the lock will be installed. After this, you need to make a decision on the type of the lock: single-point or multi-point. Installation of a product from a trusted manufacturer with a sufficient warranty period almost completely excludes the possibility of issues with the uPVC door for a long time. It is recommended to carefully inspect the structure and lock components every 2 years. Even a simple adjustment of the position of the door as it moves can prevent further damage.

The locksmith always begins with the removal of the uPVC door, i.e. detaching it from the fasteners to the frame. To achieve this, it is necessary to remove the plastic plugs and lower the axle screw down to the stop. Further, the door slightly tilts forward, and the structure is disconnected. Then, it is neatly laid on a soft flat surface for the inspection of the lock. This is how the cause of the malfunction is identified with the subsequent installation of new equipment and lock elements. Reassembly occurs in the reverse order from the removal process.

If there are problems with the opening and closing of the uPVC door, the issue is resolved by adjusting its position relative to the frame. In the case of sagging and the presence of friction on edge, there is a screw on the top panel for aligning the product vertically with a hexagon. If the problem persists or if there are small opening defects, the screw on the lower panel needs to be tightened, which is responsible for the vertical position. When there is friction on the flanks, the side screw on the lower panel must be turned clockwise while constantly checking whether the problem has been fixed. If the structure does not close tightly enough, screws are provided at the ends of the frame for adjustment. They must be turned simultaneously and with equal effort. Additionally, the tightness can be increased by using special bolts on the hinges.

Another common issue is a loose uPVC handle. This is the most straightforward problem to solve. To begin with, the plastic decorative plate, which is located behind the lock, needs to be slightly pulled back and rotated 90 ° in order to gain access to the adjusting screws, which at the same time securely hold it on the slab. The tightening is done by turning the screws clockwise.

If the old seal has ceased to function, it’s time to replace it. Before proceeding directly to the process, a suitable rubber cord and high-quality glue that simultaneously glues uPVC and rubber need to be purchased. First, we remove the old gasket, completely clean and degrease its location. The adhesive is applied along the entire perimeter with a continuous thin strip, and a sealant is attached from the corner. The seal replacement of a double-glazed window is done in the same way, with the preliminary removal of glazing beads. To extend the service life of a new element as much as possible, it is recommended to lubricate it with special silicone greases or plain petroleum jelly at least once every two years.

The damage to the glass unit (cracking, breaking, etc.) can be fixed without replacing the entire window. The main stage of the whole process is making accurate measurements of the required element. To do this, first, we determine the distance from the edge of the frame with a measuring tape. Replacement is done as follows:

  • The glazing beads are removed.
  • The damaged part is dismantled.
  • Debris and dirt are removed.
  • The surface is degreased.
  • A new glass unit is inserted into the vacant opening.
  • The platbands are returned to their place.

When dents or chips are found on the surface of the plastic, we can carry out a spot fix of the profile; cover the defects with a special putty using a rubber spatula, lightly grind and finish with a transparent varnish.

Plastic is deservedly considered one of the most reliable options for any premises. Despite this, even the most reliable lock can break under severe loads, as well as during long-term use. The complexity of the restoration differs depending on the specific breakdown. Most often, the problems are minor and are eliminated by a small adjustment of the lock, or by replacing the fittings. The costs are generally low.

In the vast majority of cases, problematic opening and closing are caused by a malfunction in the adjustment of the lock elements. The adjustment process does not take much time; restoring full functionality of a door lock in such situations is the simplest. If the lock is broken, it is much easier to remove and replace it than trying to restore. Also, it is better to replace any other fittings, in particular, a damaged handle. A new lock can be purchased at any hardware store.

When the structure sags, it is necessary to determine the place where the uPVC door contacts the frame. At the point of contact (displacement), a line is drawn with a simple pencil. The adjustment consists of moving the structure to the side opposite to where the sash hits the frame. For example, if the door catches the upper edge of the frame, then it moved down and away from the point of contact.

The top and middle hinges have screws that can be turned with a hexagon. Turning the key clockwise presses the slab against the hinges, counterclockwise – unclenches them. The bottom hinge is also adjustable. The screw located at the end of the hinge adjusts the panel in the vertical direction, and the screw on the side – in the horizontal direction.

In the event of a lock breakdown, you might be tempted to fix the issue on your own. But such actions can lead to even greater problems. It is in your best interests to contact a professional locksmith at 02045136991.


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