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For more than 10 years, we have been successfully engaged in the repair and maintenance of UPVC window structures, such as adjustment of fittings, replacement of broken glass units, elimination of imperfections and installation of window locks. UPVC products are lightweight, easy to clean, durable and low-cost solution for many homeowners. We’ll solve any problem with a plastic window lock. The company provides service around the clock in London and the surrounding areas. We have a large selection of locks in stock; you’ll surely find the model which fits your requirements. It only takes about 15-20 minutes to replace most types of locking mechanisms. Your window will function flawlessly after the work of our masters. Call us at 02045136991, day or night.


When choosing a plastic window, it is important to consider the safety of the child. At present, with the help of a window lock, you can prevent the possibility of a child falling out of a building. There are special-purpose mechanisms on the market which are mounted on UPVC structures, so the parents and grandparents do not have to keep a close watch on the child every second, and worry about the baby falling out of the window in another room. Installing such locks will significantly increase the protection of your home against unwanted intrusions from the outside, and prevent curious kids from accidentally falling out. The sash can be opened for ventilation, but it can’t be opened in a horizontal position. Child safety locks can be mounted on almost any type of UPVC structure. Also, such models are an additional obstacle for burglars. If you want to be calm for the safety of your son or daughter, install a security locking mechanism.

The handle with a key is the simplest and most versatile device for opening a plastic window. It fits UPVC products of any manufacturer and placed instead of the standard handle without drilling additional holes. We offer high-quality replacement service; a handle with a locking mechanism will secure the room, and you will be calm for your baby as it is impossible to open/close the sash without a key. You may choose to replace your existing mechanism with a handle that has a blocker for opening/closing and requires both hands to operate. With the fingers of one hand, you need to squeeze the tabs of the blockers, and with the other hand, turn the handle. The locking tongues are hard, and the baby’s weak hands will not have enough strength to unlock the mechanism. The handle with the blocker can also be placed on a UPVC product of any manufacturer without drilling additional holes. Such design of locks eliminates the possibility that a curious kid can stick something in the keyhole.

The mechanism with a metal striker is attached to the inside of the swing-out sash using self-tapping screws. Thus, the plastic window can be in both micro-ventilation and tilt modes while the child will not be able to open it to a dangerous width. In the process of work, care must be taken to avoid damaging the profile or breaking the hinges and fittings. Everything is simple only for the pros. There are nuances that an amateur will not be able to handle. We advise entrusting the security of your home only to experienced craftsmen who can successfully solve certain difficulties that arise when installing safety locks.

Call 02045136991, and our experts will help you to choose the best option that is suitable for you. Our prices are quite affordable. Don’t be upset if the handle or any other element is broken. We will change your locks today. You can order our replacement service at any time in the day or night. The locksmith will arrive at the specified address within 25 minutes or at a time convenient for you and efficiently perform all the necessary work. The experience of our team allows us to guarantee that the eliminated problems will not reappear for a long time with proper operation. Also, our masters carry out preventive maintenance work on all components of a plastic structure, as well as restoring its original properties by adjusting and replacing the seal. We employ only highly qualified professionals who will quickly identify and eliminate the cause of the malfunction. Below are tips to prolong the service life of your product:

  • Periodically, at least once a year, lubricate the mechanism with a machine oil spreading it over the area; a couple of drops are enough. Place a rag on the windowsill, so that excess lubricant doesn’t spoil the surface.
  • Once in a while, check the functionality of the locking devices. The use of a faulty child safety mechanism is not allowed. Do not leave children alone in a room with a defective locking device.

In the event of the slightest malfunction in the operation of a mechanism, it is recommended to call a repairman. Avoid applying excessive physical force to open or close the structure.


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